About Walking Well Again: Neutralize the Hidden Causes of Pain

The book Walking Well Again was written by Dr. Goldman to share his insights and techniques on evaluating and managing pain symptoms associated with many medical conditions. Intended for use by both patients and clinicians, it is written in language that can be understood and enjoyed by the general public, but also includes much information that will be totally new for all clinicians. Walking Well Again is the result of over 25 years of investigation, and is based upon insights that have provided dramatic improvement for thousands of patients with chronic pain who were not helped elsewhere.

The information in Walking Well Again can help millions of Americans symptoms, and quickly regain the ability to walk, stand, sit, sleep, and even bend over as they did years before.

Many times, patients and their families will be able to provide relief of symptoms without professional help, although success may require the assistance of a good clinician who is open to the ideas shared in this book.

About Dr. Goldman

Dr. Goldman has been in private practice since 1981. A board certified foot and ankle surgeon who taught surgery for many years, he now limits his practice to non surgical care. Between 1997 and 2013, his articles have been published in Podiatry, Diabetes, and Family Practice journals. In these articles, Dr. Goldman has presented unique insights and solutions for investigating and managing foot, leg and lower back symptoms.

Dr. Goldman is happy to provide a money back guarantee on individual sales of both hard cover and soft cover versions of Walking Well Again. If help or guidance is not provided, individuals are free to return the book within one month of purchase for a full refund.